Welcome to The SA Democrat V2!

Welcome back to The South African Democrat.

May 2021 everything we hoped for we are hoping for – success, health, happiness, joy and the restoration of Democracy in South Africa.

We are in the process of resuscitating the The Democrat ecosphere and repurposing it a bit.

I had to pull this web page off the internet last year, after a series of denial of service attacks and hacks pretty much destroyed our website. This was not the only website, and we had to rebuild several websites that we used to host at the same service hosting provider. As a consequence, we closed our account with the hosting provider and stayed off the air for a period of time.

We are now preparing the new site, and hope to have it up and running by Monday the 18th of January 2021. At the moment it is still under development so we have mostly dummy text and posts on it, but we are looking forward to getting it all going again as soon as feasible.

I mentioned that we are partially repurposing The South African Democrat. With the 2021 Local Elections looming later in the year, new content will be developed with the focus on voter education. Areas that we want to focus on, includes how government works, why and how voter decisions influence service delivery to local communities, political systems, community activism and other aspects related to politics. We also want to provide general information about how our country functions and explore the Constitution, South African laws affecting governance and other interesting issues as they arise during the year.

Service delivery already fails at the ballot box. We will attempt to engage with various local government representatives and officials who have a good track record if service delivery and attempt to unravel the complexity of delivering services in the buildup to the election.

The content will also be a lot more interactive than in the past and we plan to use video with live streamed debates and discussions, podcasts, video opinion pieces.

Thank you for your patience with the slow turnover of content over the past year or so, and we are excited to begin a new era of The South African Democrat.


Gideon van Zyl

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