The South African Democrat is a web page that has been established to improve democracy in South Africa by providing a platform for the exchange of rational debate, fact-based information and provisioning of information regarding teh South African state’s structures, functions and legislation that determines its functioning.


The South African Democrat has was established by Gideon van Zyl.


Gideon is a technologist who served as a public representative in the Ekurhuleni legislature from 2016 to 2019. During his tenure as Ward Councillor, it became clear that there are several attributes of the South African State that
is negatively impacting on Democracy in the country and that in order to strengthen Democracy in the country within the current legal and political framework, South Africans will need to develop a better understanding of the functioning of the state in all spheres  of government, and be able to base decisions and actions on knowledge.
A secondary goal of the SA Democrat is to provide  a clearer voice to the political center of South African politics. This can be achieved by publishing videos, press releases and analysis of the rational centre.

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